Последнее время наша страна напоминает мне Крейга из “Лангольеров”Крейга из “Лангольеров”:
‘So you see,’ Craig said, approaching the empty chair at the head of the table and standing before the men seated around it, ‘the brokers with whom I did business were not only unscrupulous; many of them were actually CIA plants whose job it was to contact and fake out just such bankers as myself – men looking to fill up skinny portfolios in a hurry. As far as they are concerned, the end – keeping communism out of South America – justifies any available means.’
‘What procedures did you follow to check these fellows out?’ a fat man in an expensive blue suit asked. ‘Did you use a bond-insurance company, or does your bank retain a specific investigation firm in such cases?’ Blue Suit’s round, jowly face was perfectly shaved; his cheeks glowed either with good health or forty years of Scotch and sodas; his eyes were merciless chips of blue ice. They were wonderful eyes; they were father-eyes.
Somewhere, far away from this boardroom two floors below the top of the Prudential Center, Craig could hear a hell of a racket going on. Road construction, he supposed. There was always road construction going on in Boston, and he suspected that most of it was unnecessary, that in most cases it was just the old, old story – the unscrupulous taking cheerful advantage of the unwary. It had nothing to do with him. Nothing whatever. His job was to deal with the man in the blue suit, and he couldn’t wait to get started.
‘We’re waiting, Craig,’ the president of his own banking institution said. Craig felt momentary surprise – Mr Parker hadn’t been scheduled to attend this meeting – and then the feeling was overwhelmed by happiness.
‘No procedures at all!’ he screamed joyfully into their shocked faces. ‘I just bought and bought and bought! I followed No … PROCEDURES … AT ALL!’

Пока искал цитату, сравнил английский текст с русским – безобразно. Руки надо отрывать таким переводчикам.
Давным-давно я читал в печати ещё один перевод “Лангольеров”, он чуть получше. В нём фраза над дверью гласит “Только для падающих звёзд”, а в нынешнем “Только для метеоров”. Если кто соберётся читать, берите со “звёздами”.

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