Английская официальная "Меланхолия"

Это не моё, друг подкинул с форчана. Обложка официального английского издания “Меланхолии Харухи Судзумии”:


Мне нравится. По-моему, очень стильно. И да, да, будет пластиковая суперобложка с обычной Харухи, как в японском издании! Скучные вы люди, любители стандартных обложек!

Кроме того, таглайны:
Haruhi holds the fate of the universe in her hands . . . lucky for you she doesn’t know it!

Meet Haruhi – a cute, determined girl, starting high school in a city where nothing exciting happens and absolutely no one understands her.
Meet Kyon – the sarcastic guy who sits behind Haruhi in homeroom and the only boy Haruhi has ever opened up to. His fate is now tied to hers.
Meet the S.O.S. Brigade – an after-school club organized by Haruhi with a mission to seek out the extraordinary. Oh, and their second mission? Keeping Haruhi happy . . . because even though she doesn’t know it, Haruhi has the power to destroy the universe. Seriously.
The phenomenon that took Japan by storm – with more than 4.5 million copies sold – is now available in the first-ever English edition.

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