Пока проверяешь серию, попадается дофига всякой забавной ерунды.

Сендзёгахара пересказывает Арараги свои детские приключения:
– Frankly, I’m scared of doing with you the same that he wanted to do with me.
Senjougahara, please, can you word it differently? “Frankly, I’m scared of *you* doing with *me* the same”… or else it sounds like you’re going to rape Araragi or something.
On the second thought, nevermind.

Хотя двенадцатая серия, конечно, как и пятая, crowning moment of heartwarming:
– This is everything.
– Everything what?
– Everything I possess. My tutoring. A cute underling and a straightforward father. And these stars. This is all I have. This is all I can give to you. Only this much.
– Everything you say…
– Well, technically there’s also the cursing and abuse.
– I don’t need that!

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