Tell me what I’m going to use it for

For those who didn’t know, there’s a new pascal-based compiler on a market for a while, and a pretty cool one at that. Enter RemObjects Oxygene.

It’s Visual Studio-based, compiles to .NET, Android Java and iPhone Cocoa, resembles Pascal and implements the majority of its cool features like generics. Parts of language are redesigned, some for better, some for worse.

Cool feature. Even the main unit now has the interface/implementation sections.

namespace Application1;
  Console.WriteLine("The magic happens here.");

Uncool feature. initialization/finalization sections are no more. I guess you can kinda replace them with class constructors, but they were so much better.


The language is indeed pretty fresh, with support even for WinRT while Delphi has yet to convince Microsoft to let everyone else have a part of the cake. Turns out, the only way to do native WinRT applications is through using Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime. Ha-ha, funny joke Microsoft, you.

So I thought about playing with it for a change.
No, I’m not betraying Delphi just yet. It’s still pretty cool, compiling to 64 bit and not being afraid of anything.

But sitting before the empty Oxygene project, I have found myself at loss at what to do.
Okay, it runs. It compiles Hello World, alright.
What next?

Turns out, when you encounter a new language, you have to have a few use cases for it. And since you usually don’t know what this langage can do, it’s better if someone suggests those for you.

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