Installing Delphi VersionInsight Plus

Since Delphi XE, Delphi has SVN support integrated into file history display. SVN revisions are displayed in addition to local backups, all properly sorted by date. Very nice.

Mercurial and Git support wasn’t added into the default distribution, but there’s a newer version of VersionInsight plugin with fully functioning support for those, written by Delphi developers. Meet RAD Studio Version Insight Plus.

To use this you need to compile it. It’s simple, but mind these fine points:

  • There are several branches in the repo, you need the /plus one. Not the trunk.
  • Delphi less than XE will not compile those, no simple solution.
  • You need to compile five packages: svn, svnui, svnide (already grouped into DelphiSVN) + hgide and gitide.
  • Delphi already includes pre-compiled svn, svnui and svnide. You need to remove those from "Component> Install packages" list. (And restart)
  • The ones from SVN are marked ver_150, and the ones with Delphi ver_170, but the ones from SVN are newer (I think).
  • When compiling the packages, Delphi might try to trip you up and use existing packages it cached somewhere instead of the sources right in front of it.
    To be on a safe side, do dir c:\svn*.bpl /s, dir c:\svn*.dcp /s, dir c:\svn*.dcu /s, and remove everything related to VersionInsight plus. (Some matches are going to be in the cached Delphi install distributions, these are fine).
    Particularly, svn*.dcp in Program Files\Embarcadero\Delphi\DelphiVersion\lib\Win32\debug or \release are known to silently cause problems such as svnui.bpl complaining that TSvnBlameOptions is not defined even though it’s defined right there in SvnClient.pas.

Otherwise packages compile just fine, have no dependencies and produce almost no warnings.

After compiling the packages, install the last three (svnide, hgide and gitide). Restart the Delphi.

The SVN support will start working straight away (it should have been working before too). For Git and Mercurial you need to go to Tools> Options> Version Control, and set paths to git.exe and hg.exe executables in the respective sections.

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  1. 16 April, 2014 в 14:55 | Ссылка

    E como resolver TSvnBlameOptions ?

    1. himself
      17 April, 2014 в 10:25 | Ссылка

      Remove svn, svnui, svnide packages which come with Delphi from “Component> Install packages”.

      dir c:\svn*.bpl /s
      dir c:\svn*.dcp /s
      dir c:\svn*.dcu /s
      And remove everything related to VersionInsight plus (svnui.dcp, svnui.bpl and so on).

      Restart Delphi, recompile packages from SVN.

  2. Dawid
    10 September, 2014 в 20:44 | Ссылка

    Hi, i installed all packages to my XE5 but i can’t see any git submenu. When i adding the version control as git also nothing happens. I still have only svn. Is there any other step that i should do before it will works?

    1. himself
      12 September, 2014 в 12:08 | Ссылка

      I don’t have XE5 but in XE3 it works like this: “File> Open from Version Control”, and then you get to select from Subersion, Mercurial, Git.

      Also if you’re working with a file from Mercurial or Git repository, IDE shows its revisions on History page.

      Also you can right-click such a file and there will be “Git>” submenu I guess. Is that the one you’re talking about?

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