Can you repeat that?

Reading personal experiences on trimming the sizes of Delphi executables, I often encounter stories like this one:

I’ve moved from Delphi 2007 to Delphi XE3 and my executable went from 3Mb to 18Mb! I did this thing and that thing and disabled RTTI and set these flags and got the executable down to 16Mb. Nice, but not enough.
Then I discovered UPX and it reduced the size to 3.5Mb! UPX is magic!!

This is obviously wrong, it should make anyone with half a pint of a sense cringe – but why is it wrong? They got their size down. That’s what they wanted.

And then I figured:
Well, you got it down to 3Mb. Can you repeat that?

If Delphi XE8 comes out and your executable is suddenly 17Mb again, what are you going to do to trim it back? If you had spent several hours more and actually understood what happened and how to unhappen that, then you’d still be on a fair footing with the circumstances. Your trump card of using UPX and being excited would still be with you. And now it isn’t.

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