Restore deleted notes in Anki

Sometimes you accidentally delete notes/cards in Anki. Ctrl-Z can revert one deletion, but several notes cannot be restored. If you use Anki Sync and haven’t done any important edits locally, you should simply delete the collection and redownload it. But what if you don’t want to lose local edits/reviews?

Note: If you have Sync enabled, do not sync at any point throughout this instruction. Pull out the network cable, disable Wi-Fi etc, to stop Anki from accidentally uploading your collection midway.

  1. Close Anki.
  2. Go to My Documents and zip the whole Anki folder. Put the archive in the safe place.
  3. Revert the collection to an older date:
    • Go to My Documents\Anki\YourProfile\Backups and choose a backup from when you have not yet deleted the cards.
    • Start Anki, wait until it loads, then double-click the chosen .apkg file.
    • Anki will say this will replace your collection, confirm it.
    • You have now reverted the collection to the older date.
  4. Export the broken deck:
    • Go to File->Export.
    • Choose "Export format: Anki deck package".
    • "Include": the deck where the deleted cards were.
    • Include sheduling information and media.
    • Press "Export" and save the file somewhere outside of Anki folder.
  5. Restore the current deck state
    • Close Anki.
    • Delete the My Documents\Anki folder
    • Unpack the zip file you have prepared before
    • Make sure the contents of My Documents\Anki folder is as before (no double Anki\Anki folders etc)
  6. Start Anki
  7. Double-click the saved deck .apkg file and let Anki import it
  8. Missing cards are imported with all their history.

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