Right-click to copy web path for the file

Everybody who uses Dropbox have probably seen that you can right-click the file and “Copy shared path”, under which it is accessible in the internet.

I thought it would be nice to have similar functionality for BTSync and wrote the following sсript.

Code on pastebin.

Usage: put the code into “Copy links.cmd”, drop the shorcut to it into “C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo” or wherever Sent To folder is in your versions of Windows.

Now suppose you have a folder C:\Download\images which is BTSync-ed to your server as http://example.org/lib/img. Create a file C:\Download\images\path.txt and write the above web base path to it.

Now select some files, right-click them and press “Send To -> Copy Links”. Web links for all the selected images are copied into your clipboard:

C:\Download\images\test\file.png --> http://example.org/lib/img/test/file.png

The sсript can also be used if you have a web server running at home which presents some of the files on your PC to the outside world, or even if you share some files and want to copy those as “\\mypc\share\path”. Since the sсript looks for the first available path.txt in the parent directories, you can link different folders to different addresses, or even copy and modify the sсript so that the same folder is linked to several base paths (“Copy as web address”, “Copy as local \\share”).

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