Asus T101MT VGA cable replacement + pinout

Screen on my Asus EEE PC T101MT started behaving erratically, switching off and on as I turned and tilted the lid. I’ve dismantled the netbook and the problem was in the broken display cable. A couple of notes for anyone who cares:

  • Dismantling the body is not hard, this article explains it well. Be sure to note which screws go where.
  • To dismantle the lid, pull out the rubber caps glued around the display. There are screws underneath. After unscrewing them all, remove the lid cover. It’s stickied to the display, but no harm in tearing it off and no other way around.
  • Motherboard-to-display cable is FPD-Link (LVDS cable) + minor side load. Part number is 1422-00N6000, new ones can be bought on aliexpress for cheap. Promised 50 day free delivery is an upper bound; mine was delivered in 10 days.
  • There’s a hinge connecting the lid to the body with all the cables inside. It would seem that display cable is too big to go through it, but it can be done from its display connector side if you fold it in a particular way:
    (instruction pic)
  • The cable is 20 pins (motherboard) to 30 pins (display). There were pinouts for similar cables from other EEE PCs (1005pe, [1]). I’m posting the final one for T101MT here, checked with multimeter, just in case:

    (1422-00N6000 pinout)

    20 pin connector

    2EDID eeprom power (3.3V)
    3EDID eeprom CLK
    4EDID eeprom DATA
    5VDD_EN (Active high, 3.3v)
    6VLED_EN (Active high, 3.3v)
    8LVDS Channel 0 –
    9LVDS Channel 0 +
    10LVDS Channel 1 –
    11LVDS Channel 1 +
    12LVDS Channel 2 –
    13LVDS Channel 2 +
    15LVDS Clock –
    16LVDS Clock +
    18Backlight PWM ADJ
    19Led VCC (5V)
    20Led VCC (5V)

    30 pin connector
    Most similar connectors have the same pinout for the first 20 pins. The rest seems to be up to the model, GND if unused. “–” is no connection:

    4EDID eeprom power (3.3V)
    5Backlight PWM ADJ
    6EDID eeprom CLK
    7EDID eeprom DATA
    8LVDS Channel 0 –
    9LVDS Channel 0 +
    11LVDS Channel 1 –
    12LVDS Channel 1 +
    14LVDS Channel 2 –
    15LVDS Channel 2 +
    17LVDS Clock –
    18LVDS Clock +
    24Led VCC ( 5V )
    25Led VCC ( 5V )
    26Led VCC ( 5V )
    28VDD_EN (Active high, 3.3v)
    30VLED_EN (Active high, 3.3v)

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