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Here’s the list of software tools I have made publicly available. Of course, I have written many others, but they’re not published. All the details are on the project pages, report bugs there too. Often I did only the features I needed so if you want something else, ask me and I’ll do it.

Anidb Tool

Simple command-line tool to hash files and add them to anidb mylist. Caches known file list so that it does not waste time re-hashing them fully and querying anidb, and works fast. Can be used from Explorer interface.

Jet Tool

A tool to generate MS Access (Jet engine) database schema creation SQL file and to execute all kinds of SQL files. Supports exporting and importing back most of the Access schema niceties, for instance, field comments. Handy for installers when you need to create a database on-the-fly.

Xpe Tool

A set of useful functions for working with Windows XP Embedded builder:
– Finds and looks up component info.
– Generates .reg exports with all the registry changes component makes.
– Collects all the files component contains.


A tool to view and manage Windows Component-Based Servicing packages (something like system package manager on Windows).
Shows package list in nice tree view, lets you mass-uninstall packages, unhide hidden packages et cetera.


Assembly browser and manager. Shows assembly list with their contents; provides unified file system, registry, service browsers, tells you which assemblies have installed given files/keys, lets you delete and install assemblies.


Enhanced service manager. Start/stop/configure several services at once from right-click menu; edit security, remove protection, manage triggers for each service and in the unified table. Configure styles, rename services, group by folders, store notes.


I’m involved with supporting and developing Wakan, well-known japanese/chinese dictionary and editor.


A set of tools and libraries for working with Japanese language:
– Composing Anki deck with english, russian translations for kanji, words, expressions using kanjidic/edict2/yarxi/warodai
– Radical decomposition using radkfile
– Kanji, word, ruby usage stats, find out kanjis you most need to read the chosen book.
– Aozora-ruby parsing/deletion/addition.
– Nice pascal libraries and parsers for all of this
– Various japanese encoding convertors


Command-line tool to export all Skype conversations as text logs, one file for each Contact and Groupchat. Useful if you’re afraid Skype will one day lose your chats, or like to have logs in text format.
Can also merge Skype databases from different PCs (Skype sync tries to copy all messages everywhere but often fails), generating a union of all your conversations everywhere.


A tool which displays any message you pass to it as a notification in system tray, and continues to list all notifications even after restart, until the user dismisses them. Handy for scripting for error notification.


A small tool which runs anything you pass to it hidden, writes all output to log and returns the same error code the child process returned. Useful to run scheduled scripts silently.

Configurable RSS for

Several PHP scripts which let you generate RSS for blogs. Support exporting any number of posts (even the whole diary), filtering by tags, properly fetching [more] stub and contents.


A set of scripts which generate FB2 and TXT from Wikidot pages. Almost all Wikidot markup is supported as well as storing FB2 book info (author, translator, etc) in the page as comments. Employs a fine caching system. Speed Dial

Opera extension which displays comment number, discussion reply count and u-mail count at Speed Dial. Uses your diary design for display.


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