About me

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My name is Vladimir, I was born in 1987. Please don’t call me Vlad, people don’t really shorten it like that in Russia. "Vladimir" will do, or better yet, if this is informal, just call me by the nickname you’ve first got to know me as. Yes, even by voice.

My internet accountses

me@boku.ru – public email.
Blog (updates often, but mostly in Russian)

Jabber: me@boku.ru, chapt5@jabber.ru
Skype: asdbsd.123
ICQ: 449785133

Google Plus (don’t post much)
Twitter (either)
Myanimelist (what ratings mean)

What do I do

– I’m learning Japanese (currently close to JLPT N1)
– I write programs.
– I translate books into Russian
– I’ve been translating anime into English and Russian at some point.
– I write short stories (some even translated to English)
– I suck at piano

More about me

I’ve graduated from Moscow State University’s faculty of mechanics and mathematics. I work as programmer. My English is flawless when it comes to reading and listening, acceptable-to-good when writing and bad when speaking because of a horrible accent.

I like books, anime, manga. I also like to travel and learn about other’s lives. I enjoy getting to know people so if you’ve got nothing to do don’t hesitate to nudge me for attention. I’m a bit of a dork and I value it when people can tolerate that. I try not to offend for nothing so if I turn evil on you undeservedly, tell me.

I will help anyone with any job I know how to do myself, but in a way I choose. Sometimes I’ll just hint at where to find the manuals.

If you’re getting into an argument with me, pray. I’m a mathematician, your unclarity won’t help you.